Managing Director, Osborne Pike

Steve Osborne

Steve is a brand design specialist with over 30 years’ experience creating, re-positioning and extending brands through the medium of design, and especially packaging design.

Steve’s career started in Marketing at Unilever before he switched sides to join a start-up design agency called The Design Bridge. After playing a leading role in that agency's development, including seven years as founder and managing director of the Amsterdam office, he set up Osborne Pike 16 years ago. 

The top three tips Steve has learned during his time in the industry are:
1) A brand works by telling a story that consumers want to participate in, because it builds their own personal narrative. 
2) Design (for packaged goods read: Packaging design) is the single most powerful source of signals that tell your brain you're in the right story.
3) Don't ask consumers how they make their choices. All of the above happened mostly subconsciously, whereas you'll get a reply from the rational ‘System 2’ part of the brain, which was barely involved in that decision.