Marketing Director, Safer Eating

Rory Mason

Rory is the Marketing Director of Safer Eating, having many allergies himself has led to Rory proclaiming him to be the second most allergic person in Leeds, a tagline which doesn’t win him as many friends as you may think. 

Rory’s background is in digital marketing and he has used the internet for the past decade to help make things easier allergy-wise, from finding recipes to being able to hold restaurants accountable. The internet is full of resources that can help if you look hard enough. And now through joining Safer Eating Rory is working towards helping others fill niches currently existing in the free-from space to make living with allergy easier. Recent successes include the creation of an anti-allergy bullying petition to help provide schools and police with greater powers to record allergy bullying and joining forces with Foods Matters to judge at the Free From Eating Out Awards 2018.