Chef, in association with The Embassy of Peru, London

Roberto Ortiz

Robert Ortiz started his career at the Costa Verde restaurant in Lima, the capital of Peru. During his first years in London, he worked in Italian and Spanish restaurants, then he got a role at The Landmark Hotel, where he worked with senior chefs Georg Heise, Glen Watson and Gary Klaner. Hi next stop was the Four Seasons Canary Wharf, where he augmented his appreciation of European-Latin gastronomy. Having worked for several years in the UK, he moved back to Peru to extend his knowledge and technique on the new trends of the Peruvian cuisine. In 2012, Virgilio Martinez invited him to collaborate on his Lima Restaurant project in London.  A year later, Robert Ortiz received a well-known culinary recognition when Lima received a Michelin star award. In 2014, the group opened a new restaurant, Lima Floral, nominating Roberto Ortiz as Executive Chef of both branches.