Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event

Head of Eco-Immunology and Microbiome Research Group, Luxembourg Institute of Health

Professor Dr Mahesh S Desai

Mahesh Desai is a Group Leader in the Eco-immunology and Microbiome research group at the Luxembourg Institute of Health, Luxembourg. He is also an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. His research group studies the gut microbiota-mediated mechanisms that link dietary fiber to intestinal disorders and enteric infections. He obtained his PhD at the International Max Planck Research School in Marburg, Germany, which was followed by postdoctoral experiences at University of Göttingen, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine and University of Michigan Medical School, USA. His recent research showed that a dietary fiber-deprived gut microbiota erodes the colonic mucus barrier and thereby enhances susceptibility to enteric pathogens.