Professor of Nutritional Physiology, Glasgow University

Professor Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards is Professor of Nutritional Physiology at the University of Glasgow where she has worked for 28 years.   She trained at the University of Sheffield in Biochemistry and Physiology and her PhD developed models to study the gut bacteria and the impact of diet on their metabolism.

She has been studying gut bacteria and its role in health for over 30 years.   She has focused on early colonisation and the role of environment and early diet as well the role of gut bacteria in gut disease, obesity and human metabolism.   Her current work is studying the interactions of dietary fibre and plant polyphenols (often consumed together) on the bioactive molecules released by bacteria in the human colon.  In addition she is leading a an ILSI Europe working group to evaluate the evidence for the transfer of bacteria from mother to infant through the placenta and via breast milk.