Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event

Founder, Artisan Food Club

Marcus Carter

Marcus grew up in North Wales and left school at 16 to work on farms in Australia. Nearly a decade later, he returned to Devon to study Agricultural Management at Seale-Hayne college.

These early experiences set him up well for the time he spent working with the dairy-farming sector in Devon with Genus Breading and on to his mother’s food business, Patchwork pate. There, he worked on sales nationally and internationally and then created his own business, Carter Food House – wholesale to butchers and fish shops across the UK. Marcus also created the Virtual Farmers Market. His one passion for many years has been to help artisan food companies grow with sales. He has also created the My Own Sauce range and My Own Range.

Marcus has a passion to help small start-up independent food companies have a voice and this has been the driving force for many years and the driver behind many ventures. The Artisan Food Club has become the perfect method for this to happen. One of his mantras is to help start-ups get "un-local".