Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event

Head of New Product Development, Rebel Kitchen

Lilly Abrahmsohn

BSc Biology

MSc Nutrition

5 years Product Developer at Innocent Smoothies – launched over 20 products

2.5yrs Head of NPD at RK – launched 11 products

5th yr Judge for the Freefrom food awards

IFST accredited Sensory Expert Training


Enthusiastic Foodie that loves cooking and lives through my senses at every opportunity.  

I love the science behind food, and how it affects the body.  

I love using my senses for a living and training others to know how to use their senses for their jobs and everyday life. 

My values have to be aligned with my job, I have to believe that the products I develop are genuinely good for consumers (high quality, high taste, high health). 

Meditation and yoga is an important part of my day. 

In my everyday now, I break down everyday food and build them up with plant based ingredients.