Managing Director, Botanical Innovations

Kerry Ferguson

Founder of Botanical Innovations Australia a bio technology company which following two years of research and development utilising proprietary technologies has created new and innovative nutraceutical flavours, fragrances and ingredients. The companies unique range of phenolic rich ingredients include plant extracts, fermented plant extracts, cold pressed oils and powders.

The company’s key products include an award winning natural sweetener made from 100% apple. Apple Essence Sweetener has the same functional properties as sugar and made from whole apples and apple waste it is not a concentrated juice.

Botanical Innovations has also developed a unique range of fermented products including apple cider vinegar, fermented grape seed extract, fermented apple peel extract, fermented papaya extract and fermented pineapple peel extract which are available in liquid and powdered form.

Kerry is passionate about creating new functional taste sensations that combine natural healthcare and food to improve health through a balanced diet.