Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event

Founder, Go Faster Food

Kate Percy

Kate Percy founded Go Faster Food 10 years ago on a principle she’s passionate about: Real Food Fuels You Better. In 2000, she radically altered her family’s diet to help her husband, Mark, who was struggling in his training for the New York Marathon. Mark’s performance was totally transformed by Kate’s simple ethos that you can get all the support you need from energy-rich, 100% natural food. Fast forward a decade and she has authored four cook books including Go Faster Food and Go Faster Food for your Active Family

Kate is also in-house chef for 220 Triathlon Magazine, ‘food guru’ for Athletics Weekly and Great Run and delivers healthy eating education programmes in schools and sports clubs throughout the UK. Most recently, Kate has launched a brand of delicious natural energy balls called Kate Percy’s Go Bites to fuel everyday active lifestyles.