Managing Director, Safer Eating

Karen Woodford

Karen is the managing director of The Safer Eating Company. Karen was diagnosed with coeliac disease and lactose intolerance in 2012 and also follows a low FODMAP diet. Her two young daughters also have coeliac disease and one has a milk allergy too so she has first-hand experience of eating out as a family with “tricky eaters”. She’s determined to make things easier for businesses to safely cater for people with dietary requirements and to continue to encourage the fantastic growth of free-from.

Karen launched Safer Eating as it was a nightmare to eat out and felt it was difficult to get your head round several dietary restrictions at once, even as a trained professional. She wanted to change this and make things easier for all tricky eaters by creating a hub of knowledge about allergy, intolerances and coeliac disease, and to share info about new free-from products and safer places to eat. Safer Eating also provides training for anyone catering for/serving tricky eaters, writes witty and informative blog posts and creates yummy free-from recipes. Karen is also a Free From Food Awards judge and Free From Eating Out Awards judge. 

Karen still works as a clinical manager at Leeds Teaching Hospitals managing adults in the critical care, neurology, stroke, outpatient, acute medicine, respiratory and neurosurgery services. She has enjoyed a career in the NHS for over 17 years so far.