Senior Scientist, Philips Research

Jettie Hoonhout

Jettie Hoonhout is a senior scientist at Philips Research in Eindhoven. One of her research interests is on user interaction technologies and user centered research methodologies. With regard to the latter interest, she is particularly interested in methodologies that address the ‘affectability’ of products, i.e., methods and tools that support the development process of products and product concepts that are not only functional and usable, but also emotionally appealing and engaging, and thus can increase the motivation to use the product. Another research interest is around food, nutrition, and how to guide people towards smart choices in these matters. She graduated in cognitive and human factors psychology at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), and after graduation, started working at the Experimental Psychology Department of that University as assistant professor. She was involved in various contract research projects in e.g. the field of process control, HCI, and design of instructions. Next, she worked at the University of Maastricht, at the Psychology Department as assistant professor. Her work involved among other things developing parts of the psychology curriculum, in particular for the cognitive ergonomics program.