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Nutritional Biochemist, All About Nutrition

Esther Mills-Roberts

Esther Mills-Roberts is a highly regarded nutritional biochemist and registered nutritionist who has 24 years experience as a consultant to industry and as a health writer. She has experience in every stage of product formulation, from sourcing raw materials, through sales and marketing and then at consumer level. Esther has been writing for mainstream magazines, trade publications, professional journals and newspapers for many years and is a member of the Guild of Health Writers. She is a respected nutritional science educator and public speaker, well known for her scientifically accurate, yet practical and passionate delivery. She holds a firm belief is that science should always be carried forwards to have a purposeful endpoint, resulting in a real health improvement and making a measurable difference. Her love of nutritional science fuels her work and her research-based approach ensures that it’s formed on a foundation of solid science.