Managing Director, Candy Kittens

Ed Williams

Ed studied Industrial Design at Loughborough University, where he first put his entrepreneurial flair to the test - running a student marketing and events company alongside his studies. After Graduating (2011) Ed won the University’s enterprise competition and was awarded a free office space by the local council. From that office Ed’s company provided branding and marketing services for a broad mix of a local and national clients. Towards the end of that year, Ed was introduced to Jamie Laing through a mutual friend, and together they founded Candy Kittens.

Ed is an entrepreneurial marketeer who is obsessed by brand. Coming from a design background he was initially responsible for creating the company's identity. He now manages the business and is completely dedicated to make Candy Kittens a household name. Ed’s decisive, positive leadership has delivered 100% growth for the last three years running.