Head of Nutrition and Health Science, Naturex

Dr Pascale Fança-Berthon

Nutrition & Health Food engineer, Pascale obtained her Ph.D. in Physiology and Nutrition in 2009 while performing research on intestinal microbiota development and host/microbiota interactions during neonatal life and their health consequences in adulthood.

After 4 years as an R&D manager and Scientific Director at Olygose, producing soluble fibers of natural origin, Pascale joined Naturex as a scientific coordinator in 2013. Now, leading the Nutrition & Health Innovation Platform, she is responsible for the implementation and coordination of a global research program that develops and investigates an extensive portfolio of botanical extracts for the food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries in relation to their health benefits. Her main responsibilities include the design and monitoring of protocols and preclinical and clinical research, writing literature reports and scientific articles, supporting the technical development of plant extracts to expand the portfolio of products, scientific evaluation of companies in order to make mergers and acquisitions, preparation of product registration and health claim applications to health and food authorities, public and private collaborations, National or European project partner representative (FP7 SATIN, COST Positive action).