Registered Dietitian, BDA Work Ready

Dr Megan Whelan

Dr Megan Whelan is a Registered Dietitian with a PhD in the area of public health from the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Queensland, Australia. Megan has a broad range of nutrition experience having worked as a clinical dietitian specialising in weight management, among various other areas.

Megan’s current role comprises leading the development, implementation, and evaluation of an intervention to facilitate improved health behaviours of employees of a global company through a multi-component workplace intervention focusing on healthy eating, physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and emotional wellbeing.  Megan is also a British Dietetics Association accredited Work Ready Dietitian and member of the Work Ready steering committee.

One of Megan’s greatest passions as a dietitian is finding creative and engaging ways to educate people and motivate them to enjoy healthy living with a strong belief that food should never be a cause of confusion, guilt, or added stress, but an enjoyable part of our day.