Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences, University of Southampton

Dr Caroline Childs

Dr Caroline Childs academic career has been focused on Nutritional Sciences since her graduation with a BSc (Hons) Nutritional Sciences (1st class) from the University of Southampton.  Dr Childs’ PhD research on “The effect of gender, pregnancy and diet upon tissue fatty acid composition and immune function” was followed by two postdoctoral nutrition research projects in the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Reading.  In parallel to her postdoctoral research, Dr Childs developed her technical expertise in flow cytometry, significantly contributing to the development of flow cytometry facilities at the University of Reading, and accepting a role as specialist advisor to the Food Standards Agency on the conduct and interpretation of analytical flow cytometry.

In 2016 Dr Childs was appointed as Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences, a post which combines research with teaching.  Dr Childs’ research to date has focused upon nutrients including dietary fatty acids, probiotics, and prebiotics, and has assessed the effect of nutrient interventions on outcomes including tissue composition, immune function, inflammatory status, immunosenescence, and the gut microbiota. 

In addition to her teaching and research responsibilities, Dr Childs is a Nutrition Society Ambassador for the University of Southampton, and is currently the South East Regional Representative for the Association for Nutrition.  Dr Childs is Associate Editor on the Editorial Board of Nutritional Immunology, a specialty of Frontiers in Immunology and Nutrition, and an Editorial Board member of The Journal of Nutrition.