Open Innovation Project Leader, Yili Innovation Center Europe

Dr Adrienne Weiss

Adrienne Weiss joined Yili in August 2018 as an expert for bioactive breast milk components. She has been a researcher in the field of breast milk for several years. After graduating with a degree in nutritional sciences, she worked at the University of Giessen as a research assistant on the analysis of the carbohydrate moiety in human milk. She obtained her PhD at the University of Zurich where she studied the effect of human milk oligosaccharides and specific human milk lipid components on the mucosal immune system development. In her post-doctoral studies, she focused on the relationship between probiotics and gut health and studied the host-microbiotacrosstalk mediated by mucosal glycans. In her current role at Yili, she is responsible for the implementation of innovative research projects with the aim to optimise infant nutrition products.