Director, reboot innovation

Chris Sherwin

I’m an expert in fusing sustainability and responsible business with innovation, design and marketing. I work on ‘good stuff’ through a process that I call sustainable innovation. I’ve done this inside corporates (Philips, Electrolux), non-profits (Forum for the Future) and creative consultancies (Seymourpowell, Interbrand). I know run my own Sustainability + Innovation consultancy (reboot innovation) on projects with a mix of corporate, charity and start-up/entrepreneurial clients.

I ‘ve helped develop a number of sustainability ‘world firsts’ or ‘worlds greenest’ innovations over the years. As a consultant I have run or advised on 100’s of sustainability innovation, strategy and marketing projects over 20+ years. I believe that sustainability is the defining innovation challenge of this generation and that together, we can design a better world.