Supply Chain and Technical Director, Coca-Cola

Bruno Van Gompel

Bruno is an experienced business leader combining high level vision and big ideas with the technical and executive skills to get that vision to market. Currently, he is the Supply Chain and Technical Director for Coca-Cola across Western Europe and leads a team of experts with a passion for sustainable innovation in Innovation & Commercialization, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Safety and Environment.

Innovation for the sake of innovating isn't enough when it comes to sustainable actions. Because Bruno's responsibilities straddle corporate initiatives and technical utility, he understands the value of practical transformation. Packaging has to be made of recycled materials, but it also has to uphold the high standard of previous iterations. Sugar has to be reduced, but the product still has to taste great. This incremental metamorphosis makes Bruno a true executor of ideas.

Prior to this role, he was Marketing Director Still Beverages for Coca-Cola in France and Benelux and prior to that he was responsible for R&D in Eastern Europe and Africa.

He joined The Coca-Cola Company in 1993 from BP where he was production manager. In his career at Coca-Cola, he has held positions with increasing international responsibilities in Supply Chain, Commercialization, Quality, R&D and Marketing.

He graduated in 1987 from the University of Ghent as Masters of Science in Chemistry and Food Industry. Bruno is married with Sabien and has two sons, Jens and Jonas. He is member of several boards, such as the European Fruit Juice Association and the European PET Bottle Platform.