Founder, TEA REX

Andrew Walker

Andrew designed and built TEA REX and its innovative products from scratch over the last 18 months. He is a branding and marketing expert by background, with 10 years’ experience building brands for companies from start-ups through to blue-chip business. Having honed his craft in creative production over the first 4 years of his career, Andrew went on to running creative agencies with clients who focused on disrupting their marketplace including the likes of Virgin and ESPN.

“I have always been vocal about how disappointing fruit teas taste. This was until I tried fresh infusions on my travels, from a mighty mint tea in markets of Morocco, to soul-warming honey, lemon and ginger served in the cafes of Calcutta. It was when my wife asked if I could recreate these fresh brews at home as an alternative to a tea bag, that the penny dropped. This led to the question that turned into the mission that drives the business today: why can’t fruit teas taste of fresh fruit?"