Founder and Managing Director, C'go® Drinks

Adrian Massey

Adrian is an experienced food industry professional. After obtaining a PhD in food science at the University of Reading, he spent 14 years developing and launching food products across the UK and Europe for some of the world’s largest food companies – including Kraft Foods, McDonalds, Weetabix and McCain. During this time Adrian amassed 29 granted patents with over 38 patent applications across the world, and is now recognised as one of the most cutting-edge product developers in the UK.

Adrian founded C’go® drinks in 2013, after he identified a gap in the market place between the UK’s love of breakfast cereal, as the largest consumer per person in the world, and the lack of a genuinely convenient option for the time strapped British public. Adrian is now on a mission to shake-up the breakfast category with a genuinely healthy and exciting alternative to the current breakfast range.