The Food Matters Live 2016 seminars are structured around eight individual themes and offer visitors an unparalleled peer-to-peer learning opportunity.

They bring together 300 expert speakers from across academia, health, nutrition and the food and drink industry to provide insight, innovation and ideas for change while making the important connections between food, health, nutrition and a sustainable food system.

Presentations from 2016 are now available to download by clicking on the title of each session or via the 2016 schedule.

The Food Matters Live 2016 education programme has received the following CPD accreditation:



Nutrition for health and wellbeing

Featuring leading experts discussing nutrition for healthy ageing; weight management; sports nutrition; digestive, heart and cognitive health; and clinical dietetics for the management of diabetes, cancer, cardio-vascular disease and other nutrition-related NCDs.

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Tackling obesity

These seminars will address the need for clear obesity policy; approaches to achieving further reductions in sugar, salt and fat; responsible retailing and promotions; and collaborative strategies to raise awareness of good nutrition and influence dietary behaviour change.

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Free-from, allergy and intolerance

Growth in free-from continues to rise globally - the UK market alone is estimated to be worth £531 million in 2016 (Mintel 2016). These seminars bring together manufacturers, foodservice, retail and allergy experts to explore the trends, challenges, innovation and future opportunities.

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Improving nutrition in the community

A key solution to reducing the impact of diet-related disease lies in communities. Healthcare professionals join speakers from foodservice to discuss strategies to embed good nutrition and hydration practice at home, in hospitals and care homes, schools and the workplace.

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Sustainable food business

These seminars will focus on supporting and driving growth in the food and drink industry. Themes include global market trends; exports; farm to fork best practice; sustainable retailing; authenticity and achieving sustainable business in practice. 

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Future nutrition

Covering personalised nutrition, novel foods and technologies, nutrition experts from world-class academic and research institutions will join speakers from industry and healthcare to explore the research, science and nutrient sources shaping the future nutrition landscape.

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Packaging: healthier by design

How can packaging design tackle obesity? What do health-conscious consumers want from packaging? How can brands achieve visual equity on shelf? These are just some of the questions that packaging experts, brand owners and agencies will be answering in these seminars.

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Marketing matters

Brand owners, agencies, dietitians and nutritionists will discuss responsible, innovative marketing strategies for food and drink brands. Content marketing, social media, personalisation, marketing to millennials and creative communications to positively influence dietary behaviour are among the themes.

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