The Nutraceutical Showcase will provide advice and insight on the latest regulatory framework and developments driving innovation in the nutraceutical industry.

CRN UK will be in residence supporting an Information Hub focused purely on Food Supplements which will include advice on:

  1. The extensive regulatory environment.
  2. Technical matters associated with food supplement manufacture.
  3. The safety and quality of food supplements
  4. Some examples of the benefits of appropriate supplementation. 

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Seminar Programme – Functional Nutrition “Cradle to Grave” - hosted by Intertek

Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy will be hosting a seminar programme over the 3 days of Food Matters Live 2017 titled 'Functional Food Ingredients – Cradle to Grave',  with the objective of offering snapshot updates of where the current scientific evidence lies 'accepted, probably and plausible'.

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