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Visitors to Food Matters Live 2017 will have the opportunity to take part in the Experimental Café, real-life experiment investigating consumers’ food decisions and behaviours - organised in association with the Centre for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse and Levy Restaurants UK.

About the Centre for Food and Hospitality Research

The Centre for Food and Hospitality Research, Institut Paul Bocuse, develops multidisciplinary scientific research on eating mechanisms. For each project, the Research Centre’s team treats players’ operational issues like scientific problems that need to be solved within a specifically chosen academic discipline.

On a scientific level, research therefore helps to promote conceptual knowledge by identifying the key factors of examined systems. This is done by applying a multidisciplinary vision to the undertaken efforts. These results are shared with the international scientific community via peer-examined journal articles and through conferences. On an operational level, the work results in useable recommendations that are a genuine springboard for innovation.

In principle, work efforts are designed by taking into account the complexity of real life situations and by combining - if necessary - different methodological approaches, such as the observation, the measurement of choices, perceptions, quantities consumed, or even the monitoring and analysis of social interaction.


About Levy Restaurants

Levy Restaurants UK is market leading in the sport, leisure, arena, conference centre and hospitality sectors. Their recipe for success is to put our customers first and never to compromise with their food and drink.

Levy Restaurants expertise in operating bespoke cafes, restaurants, as well as hospitality and large public catering outlets within unique venues is second-to-none and they are flexible in their approach as they strive to deliver outstanding and memorable experiences for their clients and customers.

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