Understanding how different diets affect the human microbiome could play an important part in modulating the risk of obesity, diabetes and other diet related diseases. At the same time, innovation in food science and processing is delivering a range of products designed to meet personalised nutritional needs for consumers. With innovation a driver, what does the future hold for food design and nutrition? And, how will it benefit consumer health and wellbeing? 

Host: Anita Anand, TV & radio presenter and host of Radio 4’s debate programme ‘Any Answers'


14.15 - 15.00

Dr Satya Jonnalagadda, Director of Global Nutrition, Kerry

Maha Tahiri, Chief Health and Wellness Officer, Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, General Mills

Professor Colette Shortt, Director Global Regulatory Affairs, Emerging Science & Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Ltd

Nick Morgan, Leader, Nutrition Team, Bounce



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