They were once reliant on a weekly shop, but now shoppers are more likely to spend their money across a number of trips to the supermarket, convenience stores and online. At the same time, the retail sector faces pressures to improve its customer experience in store, increase its digital presence, invest in innovation and meet regulatory challenges. So what do these transformational changes mean for the future of food retail? And, how best can food retailers of all sizes stay ahead of consumer demands? 

Host: Anita Anand, TV & radio presenter and host of Radio 4’s debate programme ‘Any Answers'


12.00 - 12.45

Jamie Murray Wells OBE, award-winning entrepreneur, currently head of Retail at one of the world’s leading technology companies

Ben Miller, Global Insight Director, IGD

James Lowman, Chief Executive, Association of Convenience Stores

Jonathon Reynolds, Academic Director, Oxford Institute of Retail Management


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