Dates: The fundamentals of a trending fruit

Jochem Geheniau (Yogi), Director, Yogi & Yousef Dates

 Dates are becoming a popular fruit in retail and the food industry. People are looking for healthy alternatives to refined sweets. In many trending food products, such as paleo snack bars and raw pastries, dates are the main ingredient. And ethnic customers are looking for dates to fit their cultural and religious diets.

This trend will grow further with many new varieties entering the market, adding more possibilities to serve different markets. This conference will provide practical information about sourcing, using and commercialising dates in retail, food service and the food industry.

Commercial and less known date varieties
Growing, harvesting and grading dates
Application of dates in retail, food service and food industry
Buying, storing and selling dates in your market
Matching dates to your customers

Jochem Geheniau (Yogi)
Director at Yogi & Yousef Dates


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