IGD Healthy Eating Programme

IGD is a research and training charity that sits at the heart of the food and grocery industry.  We collaborate with organisations throughout the industry on education and research initiatives that encourage healthier eating across the UK. 

As part of the IGD Healthy Eating Programme, we conducted extensive research to find out what gets in the way of people using nutrition on pack. From that research, a series of guides and toolkits were created to help businesses effectively use and understand nutrition labels. 

Join our free sessions on 21 November in the Gallery Room to find out:

  • how to educate consumers about nutrition information on pack
  • to understand the science and consumer insights behind these best practice guide
  • how to implement some of the best practice – especially useful for SMEs

Session 1: How to help people understand front of pack nutrition labels – 1.30-2.30pm (Gallery Room 11)

We want to help and encourage people to use nutrition labels accurately, so we have used research and consumer insights to develop a series of explanatory messages for shoppers.

In our session you will discover the best ways to communicate to the public about front-of-pack nutrition labels and be upskilled with free, scientifically backed messaging and visuals.

Guest speakers from high profile manufacturers will be sharing their experience of using IGDs Labelling tools and inviting you to join in our journey.

Session 2: How to optimise the design, presentation and position of nutrition labels for maximum impact – 3.30-4.30pm (Gallery Room 11)

In this session you will learn how to optimise the design, presentation and position of your product labels for maximum impact.

Hear from retailers who have rolled IGDs labelling out across their own brand portfolio, upskilling consumers to make informed decisions about the food they buy.

We will also be sharing the latest consumer insights around front-of-pack labelling.

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