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The personalised nutrition industry is growing at an unprecedented rate from an estimated total value of $93 billion in 2015 to $127 billion in 2020 (GlobalData). Consumers are seeking products that offer health benefits targeted at their lifestyles and dietary requirements, rather than a “one size fits all” nutrition solution. A recent survey revealed that 43% of global consumers have a significantly more favourable perception of products that have claims personalised to them or their needs (GlobalData). 

This trend is expected to shape the health and wellness market of the future. How are manufacturers and food brands responding to this growing trend? Where are the opportunities for manufacturers to focus their innovation efforts?

This seminar stream will provide an insight into the latest innovations in food science and processing influencing product development. Industry experts will explore the latest thinking on the relationship between lifestyle, dietary intake and genetics. They will also examine the regulatory framework of personalised nutrition, as well as the impact of digitalisation and artificial intelligence on developing personalised nutrition solutions.

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