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  • Focusing on sustainability, health, nutrition, and future-focused strategies, the Food Matters Live 2019 seminar streams bring together over 250 experts from the across food, drink, nutrition and health to share insight, ideas, and best-practice tips.

Mainstreaming sustainable diets

What makes a diet sustainable? What will it take to make Western diets sustainable? Experts say reducing meat intake is key, but how can quickly can plant-based diets and alternative proteins become mainstream? And, is the consumer ready to embrace a new way of consuming food? These are among the themes to be tackled by experts in this new series of seminars.

Reducing obesity
in practice

These seminars are dedicated to addressing the UK and international policy framework combined with the food and drink industry’s responsibility towards reducing obesity. From calorie reduction, the role of reformulation to new approaches to changing dietary behaviour, speakers will assess progress, discuss new initiatives and share new ideas and best practice.


Nutrition for health and wellbeing

Returning in 2019, this two streamed programme features nutrition experts across industry, research and academia will review the latest R&D driving innovation in new product development. Gut and heart health, immune health and sports nutrition together with healthy ageing, cognitive health and performance and satiety are the key themes.

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food futures

Disruptive food technologies, innovative product development to combat waste and new business models advancing global food and drink supply chains and sustainable nutrition are among the themes in these seminars. Join the innovators, researchers, futurologists and business advisors influencing the future of global food and drink production and consumption.


Packaging: healthier by design

What does the future hold for sustainable packaging technologies? How will they impact on packaging design? What role can packaging design play in shaping healthy choices and reducing the use of plastics? These are just some of the questions to be addressed and discussed as we rethink packaging design for a sustainable and healthier future. 


Join brand owners, own label brand managers, nutrition experts and brand agencies as they discuss innovative marketing strategies connecting consumers to food and drink brands. Themes include content marketing, digital strategies, personalisation, brand story-telling, the connections between emotion and brand choices, neuro-marketing and behavioural science.

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The Food Matters Live education programme brings together 300 expert speakers in a curated programme of seminar sessions, thought-provoking live attractions and insightful roundtables - all covering the issues that matter most to the food & drink industry.

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