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  • Hosted by key experts in the food, drink and nutrition sector, these networking sessions provide food and drink producers from around the globe with invaluable insight about how to enter and succeed in the UK market.

Themes include:

  • Access to the UK: protecting your intellectual property
  • Accessing retail experts offering language support to help with UK market entry
  • Becoming an own-label supplier to a UK supermarket: is it for you?
  • Developing a marketing and social media strategy 
  • Developing packaging design for the UK market
  • How to build a successful social enterprise or start-up business
  • How to comply with UK packaging regulations
  • Navigating nutrition and health claims 
  • Understanding the UK buyer in the free-from sector
  • Understanding sustainable packaging challenges for the UK market
  • Understanding the profile of the UK health-conscious consumer
  • Selling into a major retailer: what are UK buyers looking for in new products?
  • Understanding the changing attitudes of health and wellness-seeking consumers

  • Navigating the landscape of the UK's sustainability-conscious consumer 
  • Preparing for a post-Brexit world
  • Understanding the UK buyer mentality
  • Navigating the UK retail landscape
  • The critical role that marketing has in driving international sales
  • The role of health benefits in future food innovation and promotion

Companies already signed up to host a roundtable include:

  • Rochester PR
  • KLBD
  • Giant Peach

For more information, please contact Amy Houseman:

T: +44 (0)20 3848 9460
E: amy.houseman@foodmatterslive.com