Thursday 31st May 2018

The Industry Briefing was hosted by the Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in association with Food Matters Live. This briefing focused on how Belgian food and drink producers can succeed in the UK retail food and drink market. Speakers included buyers from the UK food and drink sector who shared insight into the buyer's mentality, key UK consumer trends and how brands best position themselves.


Viviana Spaghetti Growing your business in the UK post Brexit


Adrian Beale - Buckley & Beale World Food


Chris Whittaker - Pitching to a British Supermarket "Buyers 101"




Viviana Spaghetti, Senior Political Consultant for The Whitehouse Consultancy

Using her significant expertise and experience in the food and drink sector, Viviana provides counsel and support for clients on their engagement with the various European Union institutions and Member States, as well as working closely with policy-makers in Westminster, Whitehall, local government, and the devolved city region. Viviana also supports companies assessing the viability of entry into new markets and helps them navigate the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Viviana has an in-depth knowledge of EU and UK politics and policies, having held positions in Brussels and London, researching, forecasting and evaluating the effects of European and national policies on businesses.


Adrian Beale, Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Director for Buckley & Beale

Adrian Beale is the Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Director for Buckley & Beale, an importer, distributor and wholesaler of specility foods based in South Gloucestershire. He has over 20 years sales and marketing experience, 11 in the automotive industry, 5 in food retail, and the last 6 with Buckley & Beale. Adrian Co-Founded Buckley & Beale in January 2011 and has been actively involved in supporting small speciality food producers ever since, speaking at conferences and events on the importance of packaging, pricing, making the most of exhibiting and what buyers are looking for.



Chris Whittaker, Founder, CW Consultancy & former Buyer at Waitrose

Chris runs CW Consultancy, where he works with entrepreneurs and brand owners to develop their commercial strategy and prepare their pitches for major retailers. Previously, Chris spent almost a decade working for Waitrose, during which time he has been a buyer for Dairy, Milk Alternatives, Chilled Juice, Superfoods and Canned Goods. He's worked with a number of startup brands to bring them into their first listing in a major multiple retailer, including Savse, Plenish, Naturya, Simplee Aloe & Sibberi.

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