The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) hosted its Annual General Meeting for members on 25th January 2017.

The AGM was followed by a networking lunch and Food Matters Live / ESSNA industry briefing, "Innovation and opportunities – the future of sports nutrition".

Presentation downloads:

The use of Protein-Based Supplements for Health and Performance
Dr Fernando Naclerio, University of Greenwich (UK)

Sports Nutrition: A case for Insects?
Neil Whippey
Eat Grub Ltd

Reaching new sports nutrition consumers – matching consumer needs with ingredients benefits
Ronald Geers, Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients

How to supercharge your website conversion rate
James Read, Giant Peach

Professor Adam Carey, Chairman, The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance

Adam is a doctor, nutritionist and leading commentator on all areas of sports nutrition and human performance. He graduated from Oxford University Medical School in 1988, and went on to become an accredited specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with sub-specialist interests in endocrinology and nutrition. Adam left the NHS in 1998 to actively develop the use of nutritional and lifestyle intervention that improve human performance, reduce the risk of disease and improve an individual resilience. He was Head of Nutrition for the England Rugby Football Union from 1999 to 2006, and performed a similar role for the England Cricket squad in 2005 for their success reclaiming the Ashes. He recently headed Nutrition and Lifestyle management for the Welsh Rugby Union in their preparation for the 2011 World Cup. He is founder and CEO of Corperformance, a company that delivers behavioural change programmes to blue chip organisations.

Dr Fernando Naclerio, Principal Lecturer in Strength Training and Sports Nutrition, Department of Life and Sports Science, University of Greenwich (UK)

Dr Naclerio has more than 30 years of teaching and coaching experience working as a coach, consulting or academic in different countries in Europe and Americas. He has published 5 books many books chapters and more than 80 scientific manuscripts on Training and Sports Nutrition.  Dr Fernando Naclerio’s research is currently focused on the effects of resistance training and nutrition strategies (diets natural supplements) on performance, injury prevention, muscle structure and morphology.

Neil Whippey, Co-Founder at Eat Grub Ltd

Neil’s background in TV and media has brought him into contact with numerous food programs, including a few featuring famous chefs. His interest in exploring new foods was kindled at the tender age of 19 when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This debilitating bowel condition calls for a selective, enriched diet. Edible insects are potentially brilliant news for sufferers, and also the wider public thanks to the abundance of nutrients they contain. Due to Western stigma, Neil went 11 years without knowing that such a source of nutrients was missing from his diet, when at the age of 30, Grub was born.

Ronald Geers, Technical Manager, Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients

Ronald graduated from Wageningen University and holds a Masters Degree in Food Technology. He gained experience from different fields in the food and nutrition industry. His career started the packaging industry, where he held various functions: Quality Manager, Product Manager and Technical Manager for New Business development. For the last 8 years, Ronald is active in the food supplements and sports nutrition market, where he today supports customers to find solution for their challenges in the food supplement & sports nutrition market at Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients. His passion for regulatory challenges, combined with knowledge on many different ingredients and market driven attitude gives him a good overview of what is happening in the market. 

James Read, Founder, Giant Peach

Giant Peach is an ethical digital agency that was founded by James Read in 2005. What initially started as a business in his spare room has organically grown into a successful digital agency with a team of 12 Peaches now based in a converted barn in a fantastic rural setting in the Wiltshire countryside. James is a passionate entrepreneur with a wealth of creative and technical knowledge, he leads his team with respect and unwavering dedication to his vision: to create a cutting-edge creative business with agility and sustainability at it's core.

Giant Peach deliver website projects that generate results, working with brands that already do good things the Giant Peach team use their expertise in all things digital to help their clients make an even bigger difference.

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