Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event

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This session will explore the latest scientific research examining the connection between the brain, gut and microbiome and how it applies to mental health. Expert speakers will also examine nutritional factors and their long-term effects on cognitive health and the evidence for the link between obesity and cognitive function and decline.

Chair: Dr Juliane Hellhammer, Founder & CEO, Contract Research daacro & Saliva Lab Trier

14.00 - 14.20

Diet and mental health: what is the evidence?

Dr Simon Steenson, Nutrition Scientist, British Nutrition Foundation

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14.20 - 14.40

Is your gut health really the key to good mental health?

Dr Megan Rossi, The Gut Health Doctor

14.40 - 15.00

Continuous glucose monitoring, food intake, wellbeing and cognition in real life

Dr Koen Hogenelst, Scientist, TNO

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15.00 - 15.20

Neuro-nutrition 101: can food make us smarter?

Alex Ruani, UCL Doctoral Researcher and Chief Science Educator, The Health Sciences Academy

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15.20 - 15.30 Closing question and answer session


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