Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, Convention Centre, 02 InterContinental


Food Matters Live 2018


Workplace absence is costing the UK economy £18 billion a year in lost productivity (CEBR). What can employers do to ensure a healthier and ultimately more productive and efficient workforce? How can they promote and offer better nutrition, especially for women? Can healthy hydration habits be maintained in the workplace setting? As vending machines make a comeback is healthy vending happening and what does “better” vending look like?

Chair: Dr Megan Whelan, Registered Dietitian, BDA Work Ready

10.30 - 10.50

Stay afloat – keep hydrated: the how, why and what, for promoting good hydration in the workplace

Sue Baic, Freelance Dietitian, BDA Work Ready Steering Group

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10.50 - 11.10

Why obesity will be an increasing challenge for employers

Jane Abraham, Policy Fellow, Joint Work and Health Unit, Department for Work and Pensions

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11.10 - 11.30

Supporting women’s health in the workplace: how organisations can align their wellbeing plans to positively empower women

Dr Megan Whelan, Registered Dietitian, BDA Work Ready

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11.30 - 11.50

Better vending: new guidance from the BDA and the Automatic Vending Association

Jo Lewis, External Relations & Development Officer, The British Dietetic Association

Mike Saltmarsh, Automatic Vending Association

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11.50 - 12.00

Closing question and answer session


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