The UK’s ‘sugar tax’, levied on soft drinks from April this year, has been considered a success, with most soft drinks companies choosing to reformulate recipes rather than pay the levy. Sugar levels in foods, however, which so far have escaped regulation, remain stubbornly high. So what’s next for sugar reduction? Do such taxes work or do consumers simply switch habits to alternative sources? This session will explore sugar reduction policies around the world, looking at where the battles are being won and lost, what the next steps should be and what the appetite is for further regulation.

Host: Timandra Harkness, Presenter, BBC Radio 4 Future Proofing series


10.45 - 11.45

Camilla Cavendish, Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Sarah Boseley, Health Editor, The Guardian

Matt Barwell, Chief Marketing Officer, Britvic

Dr Melanie Lührmann, Senior Lecturer and Research Associate, Royal Holloway University and Institute for Fiscal Studies


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