Hosted by: Nina Modak, Founder, Eat Allergy Safe

The free-from sector is rapidly expanding in the UK and has no signs of slowing down. This roundtable will look at understanding the UK buyer mentality, the similarities and differences in buying mentality between its subgroups including vegan, lifestylers, health, and those suffering from allergies and intolerances. The following questions will be addressed: 

  •          What are the different sub-groups in the free-from sector?
  •          How are the buying mentalities different? How are they the same?
  •          How can food & drink companies adapt to these different groups?
  •          How do buyers view startups and big name brands?
  •          Does marketing to one group exclude the other?
  •          What do free-fromers want in a free-from product?
  •          Challenges: labelling, branding, manufacturing
  •          How can food & drink companies make the most of the free-from market place?


Businesses attending can contact Nina advance of the roundtable with specific questions or interests for this topic. Please get in touch via email:

About the host:
Nina Modak is an Allergy Coach and founder of the Eat Allergy safe blog and podcast. Her passion is helping others know that allergies aren’t about missing out, they’re about doing things differently. She works with parents and allergy sufferers to manage the initial overwhelm of an allergy diagnosis. Along with coaching, Nina is also a recipe developer specialising in gluten free, nut free and top 14 allergen free recipes.

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