Hosted by: Andrew Skinner, MD, TQS Food Consulting

This roundtable will look at …

  • Key mistakes (slip-ups) that many food and drink businesses make when creating and writing product specifications for their retail food customers.
  • The importance of getting supermarket specifications right first time, on time, every time
  • The associated costs of getting things wrong


About the host:

Food technologist, microbiologist, past chairman and fellow of The Society of Food Hygiene & Technology, author and entrepreneur. Andrew has worked in the food industry for almost 40 years, and in his own words: “Has seen the Good, the Bad and certainly some ugly food businesses.” In that time, he has dealt with literally thousands of food products, suppliers and product specifications. He started TQS Food Consulting in 2002, providing food safety & hygiene, advisory and training Services to food businesses. In 2005, he formed Spec-Tecs, one of the first independent food and drink product specification writing businesses in the UK. Spec-Tecs was incorporated into TQS Food Consulting in 2011.

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