Hosted by: Matt Wright, Founder, Check Your Food Ltd

Typically, food producers focus on the flavour, convenience, calories, fat and sugar content of their food products to promote them. However, the EU has created regulations for food producers to make legitimate ‘source of’ and ‘excellent source of’ claims for nutrients and the subsequent health benefit claims, for the natural micronutrient (vitamins and mineral) content of their products.

As nutrition has become a focus in school curriculums, and increasingly features in the advice given by opticians and GPs, why don’t food producers do more to promote their products, based on the health benefits that come from the natural vitamin and mineral content?

This is probably due to the confusion that surrounds the compliance with EU regulations, and the seeming complexity of finding out if food products meet the standards required to make legitimate claims.

This roundtable will help you explore the following issues:

  •          Which are the key nutrients that the most comprehensive claims can be made for?
  •          Can I get new nutrients on the claims list?
  •          Can I add ingredients to my product/s to enable more ‘source of’ and health claims to be made?


About the host:
Matt is an entrepreneur and information systems expert and has been working in web development and nutrition for many years. He is founder of Check Your Food Ltd a company that runs two nutritional analysis sites that integrate: nutritional science, food composition data, RDA/RIs/NRVs & the effects of cooking on nutrients. CheckYourFood.com is for consumers and its sister site CheckYourNutrition.com is for health professionals, nutrition colleges, schools and food producers.

Check Your Food have now integrated the EU claim regulations into these sites and created an in depth and simple to use system for food producers to check if their products and recipes meet the regulations as well see the health claims that can be made once the regulations are met.

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