Personalised nutrition can mean many things, from free from products to nutrition matched to your genome. It promises to gives consumers the potential to make smarter nutritional choices to improve their health and live longer. This session explores the advances in technology supporting the move to personalised nutrition, consumer appetite and readiness.

Chair: Mariƫtte Abrahams, Consultant & Founder, Mariette Abrahams Consulting

16.00 - 16.20

Envisaging the role of personalised nutrition and what it means for the food and drink industry

Joana Maricato, New Nutrition

16.20 - 16.40

How a new industry data solution productDNA will power greater choice for shoppers

Harshal Gore, Industry Engagement Director, GS1 UK

16.40 - 17.00

Exploring advances in technology helping to make personalised nutrition a reality

Mariƫtte Abrahams, Consultant & Founder, Mariette Abrahams Consulting


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