With a rapid shift towards more natural and organic products as consumers demand clean label products, what are the next generation ingredients for the for this category? This session will together experts from both academia and industry to provide the latest insight into new natural ingredients to safely support cognitive health, anxiety and depression and also cognitive performance.

Chair: Dr Juliane Hellhammer, Founder & CEO, daacro – unique in stress research

12.00 - 12.25

Berry anthocyanins for cognitive health

Dr Laura Headley, Nutritional Scientist, Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

12.25 - 12:50

Exploring the effects of a natural spearmint extract on physical performance and cognition in healthy individuals

Filipa Quintela, Technical Service Associate, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

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12.50 - 13.15

The influence of saffron on cognitive health, anxiety and depression symptoms

Dr Antonio Inarejos, Research & Development Manager, Pharmactive Biotech


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