Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, Convention Centre, 02 InterContinental


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Ready meals are often considered a nutritionally empty quick fix, yet there is no sign of their popularity diminishing. If the options for a free-from meal on-the-go might be a packet of plain gluten-free biscuits or a frozen ready meal, what are the routes that free-from should be pursuing? From a consumer perspective, which is better in terms of nutrition and safety? From a retailer perspective, what’s going to sell successfully?

Chair: Nina Modak, Director, Eat Allergy Safe Ltd

10.30 - 10.50

Free-from ready meals: food for thought

Lucy Nixon, Author & Blogger,

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10.50 - 11.10

 The nutritional virtues of ready meals

Dr Amanda Squire, Consultant Registered Dietitian

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11.10 - 11.30

Are you sure this is Gluten Free? Is it? Really!​

Charlie Neilens, Creative Director, Willow Cottage Kitchen

11.30 - 11.50

Case study: pharm to fork

Sophia Cooke, CEO, Ugo Foods Group

Steve Walpole, Head of Food and Freelance Chef & Consultant, Ugo Food Group

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11.50 - 12.00

Question and answer session


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