Hosted by: John Stapleton, Entrepreneur and Investor

When it comes to Brexit, almost everything is uncertain and unclear. As Entrepreneurs and leaders of SMEs, it can be tricky to anticipate and take action to futureproof your business when the post-Brexit business environment remains so unpredictable.

The business Community – SMEs in particular – needs both information and confidence. Information to make informed decisions, and confidence to implement plans and drive positive change. SMEs need to understand what they can and need to do now and how they can prepare for both a post-Brexit World and to take advantage of the many opportunities which will exist.

A conversation around this topic would look to explore:

  • The Brexit Landscape: What are the current plans for policy changes, tariffs & taxes
  • The Audit: Reviewing and understanding your current business activity, the benefits of futureproofing, operational changes to think about now
  • Innovation: What are the differences in the UK and abroad?
  • Risk: How to mitigate risk of tariffs and legislation
  • Currency: Maximising the opportunities of a weaker Stirling

About the host:
John has over 30 years’ experience in pioneering new FMCG categories and establishing and growing successful consumer-led businesses in both the UK and the USA. John now actively manages an investor/Non-Executive Director portfolio contributing value-added business growth advice, guidance and mentoring to business owners.

John has first-hand experience in start-up, early stage growth and scale-up stage businesses, having co-founded 3 FMCG businesses – New Covent Garden Soup Co Ltd, Glencoe Foods Inc and Little Dish - building and growing each to exit. John helps design creative, practical, experience-based solutions to problems, challenges and opportunities that brand owners encounter in starting, growing and scaling their companies, across all areas of business.

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