On average Tesco will be approached with 1900 new products every quarter, in some categories and for some of the independents and health food operators, especially in London it is considerably more than that!  As a new food business – you have limited £ working capital, time, energy and resilience. Join this roundtable to find out …

  • What is  the best route for you - just how do you decide on a sales strategy that allows you to fund your growth from revenue and not capital
  • Retailers are very little without their suppliers  - you are nothing without your customers  - how to create a varied and valued target set across channels and how to execute  at the right pace for you
  • How to pitch your brand and company in a relevant and memorable way  - in no more than 10 minutes
  • The top 5 absolutely best things to avoid and the top 5 things to do - industry secrets you may find over many years but can get in an hour
  • “A fool learns from their mistakes – a smart person learns from someone else’s”


About the host:

With over 30 years of relevant experience in the Food Industry from Buying to Selling, from Setting up supply chains and NPD – David’s experience ranges from senior buying roles with Sainsbury, Booker/Tesco and Coop where he was head of buying fruit, vegetables and Horticulture.

Time spent on the other side of the desk developing and growing brands from start up to large brand and private label manufacturing businesses supplying and developing business with all the major retailers. Discounters, Foodservice and boutique retailers and export.

He has been running his current business for 8 years and still maintains a 95% success rate in product listings and strong and up to date relationships with all the major retailers UK and Eire.

He specialises in helping smaller brands avoid expensive mistakes / time delays in listings / finding contract manufacturer partners and relationship growth with the key decision makers in key customers

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