Hosted by: Hayley Connick, Managing Director, Too Good to Go

Nobody actually wants to harm the planet. Most people say they’d rather buy eco/sustainable/ethical over the alternatives. But what people say they'll do and what people do are very different things. 

This roundtable will explore the conundrum, asking questions such as:

  •          How far will consumers really go to be sustainably conscious?
  •          What are the impacts of this for retailers?
  •          What can both businesses and consumers do to encourage more sustainable consumerism?


About the host:
Hayley is a start-up/scale-up veteran with a big passion for food and a deep concern for the future of our little planet. She was able to combine all three when she was asked to lead Too Good To Go in the UK - the world’s largest B2C marketplace for surplus food. In less than 9 months she has grown the team from 3 to over 20. Too Good To Go has saved over 250,000 meals in the UK so far and have 1,500 UK retail partners.


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