Hosted by: Claire Baseley, Nutritionist

The regulations on making nutrition and health claims are clear but not all brands are aware of them and even high-profile brands can fall foul when it comes to the finer detail. If you want the big retailers to list your product and to avoid issues with the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards (with potentially costly consequences) you must comply with all the relevant labelling legislation.

This roundtable, run by a nutritionist and regulatory expert, will help you understand:

  •          What is a nutrition or health claim?
  •          What you can and can’t say on packaging and in communications.
  •          The conditions you must meet if you are making nutrition and health claims.

About the host:
Claire is a highly qualified, experienced Registered Nutritionist. With a degree in Biological Science from Oxford University and a Masters of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition from Sheffield University, Claire takes an evidence-based, professional approach to all her nutrition projects.

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