What is the best way to get people to change their diet? Does the price, quality and availability of food and drink really make a significant difference? Do calls for smaller portion sizes or clearer nutritional information go far enough or should there be an end to cut-price deals and TV advertising of junk food? Some retailers are trying out a more hands-on approach, employing healthy eating specialists to advise customers on the contents of their shopping baskets. But will any of these interventions really change the way people eat?

Host: Anita Anand, TV & radio presenter and host of Radio 4’s debate programme ‘Any Answers'


13.15 - 14.00

Daniel Vennard, Director, Better Buying Lab, World Resources Institute

Moira Howie, Nutrition Manager, Waitrose

Katrina Kollegaeva, Business Consultant, Food Anthropologist and Freelance Writer

Jon Woolven, Strategy and Innovation Director, IGD, responsible for promoting and nurturing new initiatives


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