Hosted by: Rodney Steel, CEO and Emma Verkaik, Membership Development and Marketing, British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA)

Join this roundtable to get the lowdown on how to work with contract manufacturers and packers:

  • Outsourcing, how to search for a contract manufacturer and contract packer with the right skill sets for your project?
  • Thinking through the process, from MOQ’s to scaling up?
  • Delivery, have you considered the fulfilment and distribution of the end product?
  • Ensuring you maximise the experience of your chosen outsourcing partner.

About the hosts

Rodney Steel -
Rodney has spent over four decades in the packaging industry including running his own contract filling business in the chemical sector.  In 2003 he took over as Chief Executive of the BCMPA when it was in its infancy. Since then it has grown into a highly respected Trade Association with over
150 accredited members, who provide an extensive range of services including Contract Manufacturing, Contract Packing, Filling, Fulfilment, Logistics and Supply Chain Management across many industry sectors including food, drink
and nutraceuticals.

Emma Verkaik –
Emma has a long history in the contract manufacturing and packing industry. With her previous experience of working with blue-chip companies in the advertising world and running a large contract packing company, she is able to offer valuable insight into the process of 3rd party outsourcing, helping customers to overcome challenges. Most recently working with the BCMPA supporting new membership development and marketing, Emma has a wealth of knowledge of the contract packing industry in the UK.

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