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20th Jun 2019

Table Talk Ep 9: Allergy awareness in focus

Recent high profile mistakes in food labelling have brought into sharp focus exactly how dangerous it can be to be complacent about allergies, allergens and your legal duty to provide customers with information

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16th May 2019

Table Talk Ep 5: Food tech investment: the keys to success

The second episode in a series of podcasts on food tech focuses on investment and the recipe start-ups need to succeed. Tomer Strikovsky, Investor, ETF Partners, Milena Lazarevska, Head of Future Brands, Sainsbury's, and Phil Verey, Director, Winnow Solutions provide insight from their valuable experience.

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4th Apr 2019

Table Talk Ep 2: Keeping it clean

This episode focuses on the clean-label and plant-based food revolutions. We investigate what clean label means, how consumers want to see fewer and more recognisable ingredients on labels, and the rise of plant-based foods.

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