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20th Feb 2020

Exploring the science behind CBD

The category of CBD-infused food and drink is booming, with revenue in the UK expected to top £1bn by 2025. Dominated by startups, new products are flooding onto the market in Europe to meet a surging consumer demand

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13th Feb 2020

A plastic-free future? How can we turn off the plastic tap

The impact of plastic on the environment has become a global concern in the past few years, and the food and drink industry is experiencing understandable pressure to ditch plastic and move to newer sustainable packaging. However, it's not an easy transition, with plastic acting as a great way to keep food fresher for longer

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30th Jan 2020

How will plant-based food and drink evolve in 2020?

As a really successful Veganuary wraps up many consumers who took the plunge for January will continue to consume plant-based food and drink in larger quantities than before. With statistics showing more and more people looking to reduce meat and dairy what will be driving new product development in the future, and is the industry ready?

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16th Jan 2020

The growth of alcohol-free drinks

In this episode we focus on the rise of low and no-alcohol drinks, and how a new, young, health-conscious consumer is causing a surge in demand for these products

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5th Dec 2019

Veganuary - how the industry is responding to a growing plant-based demand

n this episode we talk all things Veganuary, and are joined by Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications and Marketing International, Veganuary, Dr Carys Bennett, Senior Corporate Liaison, PETA and Nic Jones, Founding Partner, All Things Better – The Planets Agency, to gain their views on how plant-based eating will develop

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